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40 Years in the Making

Posted by Century Martial Arts on 10/18/2016 5:04:00 PM

Have you ever wondered where your martial arts gear comes from? You probably already know that Century Martial Arts is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Maybe you’ve even visited our showroom and seen our facility. But do you know how Century got there in the first place?

Century started in 1976, with a true underdog story. Our founder, Mike Dillard, used to sell uniforms and belts out of the back of his van when he’d go to compete in karate tournaments. His main office was his parents’ garage. But Mike knew he could make a difference, and he was determined to succeed.

And he did – Century just celebrated its 40th anniversary! We’re happy to be here and able to make a difference to communities and martial artists around the world.

Curious about how Century has grown and changed over the years, and what all we’ve done along the way? Check out our timeline!

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