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ActionFlex™ Sci-Fi Battle Sabers

Posted by Century Martial Arts on 12/18/2015 3:10:00 PM

Sci-Fi Battle SabersActionFlex™ Sci-Fi Battle Sabers are available in three space-age colors so that young swordfighters can choose the one best suited to their personalities: green, blue, or red. The ‘blade’ is made from the same durable, shock-absorbing material as traditional ActionFlex weaponry. Sci-Fi Battle Sabers feature futuristic impact handles with black-and-silver designs. Like all ActionFlex swords, the Sci-Fi Battle Sabers can be used for sparring practice, allowing students to train without the risks associated with live weapons. Swords are 38” long.

Shihan Dana Abbott, creator of ActionFlex and renowned swordsman, developed a video series of basic Skills and Drills with the ActionFlex Sci-Fi Sabers. Click here to check them out!Sci-Fi Battle Sabers

WARNING: Participating in most sports, including padded weapons sparring and games, can expose users and bystanders to serious personal injury, including the potential for eye injuries. Century recommends keeping bystanders at a safe distance and that all participants wear padded weapons headgear with properly enclosed face shield or other protective eyewear designed specifically for use in sports, which can be found at most sporting goods retailers. (Prescription eyeglasses do not protect against eye injuries.) Close supervision of activities by qualified instructors plays an important role in preventing injury. Make sure participants are aware of the dangers and are properly geared up. Inspect all equipment before each use. If equipment is damaged discard and replace immediately.

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