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Announcing the First Readers' Voices Showcase!

Posted by Sarah Lobban on 12/4/2018 7:00:00 AM

The Centurion wants to hear YOUR stories!

Welcome to the first Readers’ Voices Showcase!

Every martial artist has at least one truly special, life-changing, “Oh-my-goodness-that-just-happened” martial arts story, and we want to hear yours!

Here’s how it works: Write your story, up to 2,000 words, on the selected topic. Send it to me, Sarah, at slobban@centurymartialarts.com with the subject line “Readers’ Voices,” between now and December 16th. The top three entries will be published to the Centurion Blog in early 2019.

For the first Showcase, the topic is: “The best advice I ever received…”



  • The story has to involve martial arts (all the best ones do anyway!).
  • There is no minimum length, and it can be up to 2,000 words.
  • I will edit it for grammar and spelling.
  • With your submission, please include your name, name of your school, and what art you train, and your rank/how long you’ve been training.
  • For it to be considered, your story must be on the featured topic.
  • Send at least two photos to be included with your story.


Boring legalese:

I don’t own your writing; the Centurion doesn’t own your writing. You’re free to republish or reuse what you send in. When you submit a story, you’re agreeing that it is in fact your original work. When you send pictures, you agree that all individuals in those pictures have consented for their images to be used in our blog and on our other social channels.



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