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3 Reasons Why the Torrent Floor Saver is the Hero Your Gym Needs

Posted by Sarah Lobban on 9/25/2018 7:00:00 AM


Whether you’re a big gym offering tons of group fitness classes, or a small boutique studio, you know the benefits of offering a class like cardio kickboxing or boxing: increased participation, more excitement and enjoyment, less chance of people skipping workouts and a better chance of making friends. Needless to say, those are all things you want for your members! Right?

You also know that if you want to offer the best cardio kickboxing class, you need bags.  You probably even know that the Torrent T2 freestanding bag from Century is one of the best you can get (or the smaller T1; but let’s be honest, in this case, bigger is better!). Well, we here at Century know a few things too – like the fact that you probably have wooden floors.

That’s why we came up with the Torrent Floor Saver, to ensure that you and your gym members get the maximum benefit out of these amazing bags! Here are the three reasons why the Floor Saver is the bag accessory you’ve been waiting for!




I'd read the whole article, personally, but if you're the visual type here's a snazzy video!


1. Less Rocking

Rocking out at a concert = great.

Your bag rocking out during a cardio kickboxing class = not great.

Sometimes, a series of rapid or especially hard strikes will move the base of the bag, causing it to rock. This is especially true on wooden floors. Sometimes, the rocking results in the bag “walking” away from the striker. Although initially you might think of this as a positive (chasing a bag = more cardio, right?) it can throw off novice strikers, who are still trying to get a sense of positioning their body in relation to the bag.

Also, when you have multiple people chasing bags around a class, it can get…hectic. The grippy texture of the Floor Saver’s underside helps it rock less and stick more.  


2. Makes Things Quieter

Don’t you wish there were a remote control that would let you adjust the volume of things in real life? Just imagine: you could turn the noise of your neighbor’s lawnmower at 7 am down, or turn up the noise of your coworkers whispering and learn all the office gossip!

Well, the Floor Saver can’t do that. But it can turn down the thumps and thuds that happen in a cardio kickboxing class!

A strong kick, for example, to the right side of the bag, can lift up the base on that side. When it lands, there’s going to be a loud “thunk” because that’s what happens when heavy objects hit the ground. Multiply that noise by the number of students in a cardio kickboxing class, and suddenly, everyone’s having a hard time hearing what the instructor’s saying. Plus, if your cardio kickboxing room borders another group fitness class, the people in there are probably getting just a smidge annoyed with you.

Don’t risk it. Use the Floor Saver so everyone can hear clearly!


3. Gives Novices a Better Class

Inexperienced strikers can cause problems with bags. They don’t know where on the bag to strike, and their punches tend to me more like shoves, which can actually move the base more than a punch from a pro (a short, sharp impact allows the bag’s internal flex system to work, while a shove does not). It’s these and other blows from untrained users that can possibly cause shifting.

At the same time, it’s these people who you want to come to your group fitness classes, because they’re the ones who can benefit most from learning! And the only way to stop being an inexperienced bag-striker…is through experience. Since we can’t wrap your members in a soft, padded cushion (and since that wouldn’t help anyway), we made the Floor Saver for the Torrent.


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