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Why You Need Martial Arts in 2019

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Time for some fun facts about New Year’s!

  • The earliest instances of people celebrating the dawn of a new year date back more than 4,000 years
  • Eating black eyed peas* on New Year’s is considered good luck (*the legume, not the band. No one eat Will I. Am)
Black eyes peas are a New Year's tradition.                                                              IN CASE ANYONE NEEDED A VISUAL AID
  • 54% of Americans plan to kiss someone at midnight (for the rest of you, here).
  • In some European countries, including Germany and Finland, there’s a New Year’s Eve tradition known as Bleigiessen, or molybdomancy, where a bit of lead is melted and dropped in cold water. The shape it takes as it hardens is supposed to reveal the fortune of the person in the coming year.

And, finally,


But not yours! Not this year!

I am here to give you the secret to keeping your resolutions: martial arts. In the last post, I went over how martial arts will make you keep the first four of the 10 most common resolutions. Now we’re going over the remaining six.


GOAL 5: Read more 18% of people

Reading by a lake. Why are there no stock photos of people reading normally? 

Naturally, as you start to train in an art – whichever you choose – you’ll become curious about its history. Maybe you’ll want to read up on new techniques. Maybe you’ll become more interested in reading more about martial arts overall – and in that case, may I recommend The Centurion?


GOAL 6: Make new friends – 15% of people

Four bros, chilling on a mountain...Staring right into the flipping sun, arms linked. As one does with friends. 

Ask any martial artist, or anyone who’s even taken even one class, and they’ll tell you there are few friendlier environments than a dojo, and few friendlier people than martial artists. I’ve made lifelong friends through training. Honestly, once you’ve spent enough time punching and kicking and choking people, and getting punched and kicked and choked, you can’t not become friends.

If you’re worried that you won’t “click” with the other people, because you’re new to martial arts and they’re not, let me just say: “HAHAHAHA don’t be dumb!” If you show up green as grass and terrible, and enthusiastic and interested to learn our art with us, we will be thrilled. Most of us are really just slightly more violent versions of the dog from Up: “Hi there! I have just met you but you also are doing taekwondo and I love you.”

Want a guarantee that they’ll like you? Learn how to be the perfect training partner.


GOAL 7: Learn a new skill – 15% of people

thao-le-hoang-711221-unsplash. High kick in gi. Kicking is a good skill, to be fair. 

I bet you think I’m going to say that this one is self-explanatory, right? “Oh, the new skill is the martial art I’m learning!” Wrong! You’ll learn other skills too, like:

  • How to wash a gi without shrinking it.
  • How to stretch out that first gi that you accidentally shrunk.
  • How to keep gear thoroughly (This’ll extend to the rest of your life too, I promise. Being forced to clean your gear regularly – under threat of great stench – will make you extend your cleaning efforts outside martial arts.)
  • How to defend yourself. The simplest first step in self-defense is knowing that you can fight back. I don’t mean that you know you physically can, but mentally: you have permission. Think about it. We’re told as children not to hit, to play nice. We don’t settle workplace disputes with violence; in fact, it’s abhorrent to consider. Martial arts removes those mental blocks, while instilling the discipline required to know when it’s okay to use violence. Even if you just learn a few rudimentary moves, even if the martial art you learn isn’t tailored for self-defense…if your first reaction when someone grabs your wrist and pulls you towards their car is to slam your fist into their ear, rather than freeze, it may be enough.
Woman punching man self-defense.                                                                         Not today, creep!!!
  • How to take a punch (or how to be choked, or kicked) – and how to not let it affect you. You’ll see your body isn’t near as breakable as you thought.
  • How to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations – and remain calm in spite of them. Board meeting, schmoard meeting – it’s got nothing on the time a 200 lb. dude sat on your chest and tried to bend your arm off. And you got out of that just fine!


GOAL 8: Get a (new) job – 14% of people

Century Martial Arts, in Oklahoma City.So beautiful. :')

Step 1: Get good at martial arts.

Step 2: Apply for job at Century, using your martial arts knowledge to enhance your resume.

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit.

(Fine, this may not be geographically possible for you, but I promise, what you learn in martial arts will at least help with your current job.)  


GOAL 9: Take up a new hobby – 13% of people

…okay this one is sort of self-explanatory.


GOAL 10: I don’t plan on making New Year’s Resolutions – 32% of people

thumb-440352_1920Booooo you wimp. 


You are clearly weak-willed and afraid of commitment. Martial arts will whip you into shape! Or you lack faith in yourself to accomplish what you set out to do. Martial arts will boost your self-confidence! Maybe you don’t want to make resolutions because you’ve failed in the past and don’t want to repeat that experience. But I’ve just given you the SECRET TO RESOLUTION SUCCESS! Remember, it’s – say it with me – martial arts.


Hopefully, I’ve persuaded you to make the right decision and try a martial arts class in 2019. If you’ve made a resolution that’s not on this list, leave it in the comments! I’ll be happy to detail how martial arts can help with your goal, too!


 Start Your Martial Arts Journey Today!

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