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Which Training Bag Is Right for You?

The rising popularity of mixed martial arts and other fitness programs incorporating training equipment has increased the demand for a wide variety of bags. It can be difficult for anyone contemplating a change in workout regimens to tell which type of training bag will be right for their needs. There are five key factors to consider before you make your ultimate purchasing decision of a training bag. These are the weight, filling, bag cover, use for and desired mobility of the bag. Read on for our quick guide to understanding these five factors.
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2016 Martial Art SuperShow

It’s back! The biggest martial arts trade show and education event, the Martial Arts SuperShow, is returning for its 15th year. Every year, the MASuperShow team works to build a schedule full of seminars, training sessions and learning opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else in our industry. The 2016 Show will be back at the newly renovated MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, and will feature celebrities, industry icons and martial arts legends.
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A Brief History of Kicking Jeans

The year is 1977. A new tech company, called Apple Computer, has just become incorporated, Jimmy Carter is the 39th President of the United States, Elvis Presley has given his final concert. And in Oklahoma City, Century Martial Art Supply, Inc., has put out a new product: Action Jeans.
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Five Steps to Defend Against a Front Choke Attack

Founder and Chief Instructor at Fighting Systems Unlimited Paul Webb teamed with Century for a series focusing on basic self-defense moves for all ages. This video shows how to defend from an attacker trying to choke you from the front. These instructional videos should be used in addition to and not in place of real-life martial arts training. Act decisively. Act quickly. Act with confidence Click here to watch the complete video. Step 1 As the attacker grabs your throat you and pushes you back, step back with your left leg while bringing your right arm up and over both of the attackers’ arms. At the same time twist your torso toward the back leg to gain leverage over the attacker.
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6 Ways to Welcome New Students to Your School’s Family

When a new student enrolls, it can be a bit overwhelming for him or her. He or she can easily get lost in the shuffle if we, as instructors, don’t pay close attention. It’s important that we make new students feel as comfortable as possible. Prospective students need to be treated as special guests and in such a way that they immediately feel right at home. Here are some ideas for creating a welcoming environment for new students. 1. Introductory Class
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The Basics of Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts Basics There are many great reasons to train in a martial art. The recent surge in popularity of mixed martial arts, or MMA, means that today there are more venues than ever before offering martial arts courses. People choose to get involved in the martial arts for a variety of reasons. Training in the martial arts builds discipline, calms the mind, promotes confidence, and prepares you to face the challenges that you may encounter in life. So whether you’re looking into martial arts training for self-defense, discipline and spirituality, fitness, or any other reason, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the basics and some popular styles.
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MMA Workouts with Your Training Bag

Working out with a training bag used to be reserved for boxers, MMA fighters, Muay Thai fighters, and other martial arts practitioners. These days, more people are incorporating this excellent piece of workout equipment into their general fitness and sport training programs. The training bag is a great tool to help develop strength and sculpt the body. It adds aerobic and anaerobic exercise to any workout regimen.  Try these MMA workouts with a training bag for an exercise routine that packs a punch. Note: As with all exercise equipment, it’s important to know the right way to use a training bag before you start training. Always observe proper safety procedures. Know how to correctly throw strikes and punches before beginning to work out with a training bag.
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ActionFlex™ Sci-Fi Battle Sabers

ActionFlex™ Sci-Fi Battle Sabers are available in three space-age colors so that young swordfighters can choose the one best suited to their personalities: green, blue, or
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Proper Striking Technique on a Wavemaster® Freestanding Bag

The Century® Wavemaster® line of punching bags is held in high regard by the world of martial arts. If you’re new to working with a freestanding bag, it pays to learn proper striking technique prior to beginning your workout regimen. Your body will thank you. Training Equipment Safety is an important consideration, so before we start talking about technique, let’s go over basic training equipment. Working out with a training bag, no matter the type or brand of bag you use, can be damaging to your hands. It’s a common misconception that if you are strong, you’ll be able to handle striking the bag bare-handed. In fact, this could not be more wrong.   The stronger you are, the more likely you are to strike the bag with enough force to injure yourself. This is especially true when you first start using a bag and your hands are less conditioned. Proper hand covering, such as hand wraps or bag gloves, is a must. If you’re planning to work on your kicks with the Wavemaster, you might want to consider wearing shin guards and boots or other martial arts-safe shoes. Your feet and shins could suffer damage from unprotected bag workouts.
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