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The Surprising Enemy Hiding Inside your Gloves

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In fitness and martial arts, it’s common to hear the expression, “Your biggest opponent is yourself,” or some similar sentiment. Well, friends, I hate to break it to you, but that is just not true. You’ve got a much tougher opponent out there. Unfortunately for you, every time you train, it gets stronger, too:

Glove sweat.

Okay. There are two types of people right now. One group has done boxing, cardio boxing, or another workout that requires gloves. This group is nodding sagely, their noses wrinkling in reflexive horror. Their hands suddenly feel clammy.

The other group went back and re-read the second paragraph to make sure they’d gotten it right, then, upon confirmation, thought, “Wait, gloves can sweat?”

Oh you innocent ones.

Another visual representation of what your gloves smell like.

Sweat from a hard (meaning, good) boxing, kickboxing, or cardio boxing class will invariably build up in your gloves. Spraying disinfectant helps a little, but it’s nearly impossible to get the spray everywhere the sweat is. You would have to cut open your gloves after every class (impractical) or start sweating out disinfectant (impossible, and would probably cause rashes).

Depending on where you keep your gloves between classes (gym bag, car, gym bag in your car), they may or may not dry out completely before your next training session. It’s never fun to stick your hands into gloves and feel a squish. But even if your gloves get totally dry every time, you’re still going to notice a…change.

Picture a high school locker room in which the AC has gone out. It is mid-July. The entire football team is gathered inside. They have just spent the afternoon drilling. Conveniently, they have all forgotten to wash their uniforms for the last month.

This is what your gloves smell like.

Yep. Thank you, glove sweat, for this olfactory masterpiece from which your nostrils may never recover.

Beating glove sweat used to be nearly impossible. After nine rounds in the ring with progressively more disgusting gloves, most people throw in the towel and throw out their gloves.

However, there is a way to defeat glove sweat! The secret is Strive Gloves.

Knock out glove sweat!

Just your standard gloves (but better-looking), right? Wrong! Strive Gloves are 100% washer- and dryer-safe. Throw them in your washing machine. Throw them in your dryer. Take them to the laundromat. Break into your neighbor’s house and use their washer and dryer!

Okay don’t do that last one. But the point is, you can wash your Strive gloves as many times as you need, in the same machines you use for your gym clothes.


Very comfy, very stylish, and packs a punch!

By washing and drying your gloves after every time you train, you’ll defeat glove sweat and every unpleasant thing that it comes with. You won’t, however, wash away the vibrant look of your new gloves. Strive Gloves feature sublimation printing, meaning the ink has been injected directly into the material. The patterns don’t crack and are fade-resistant. And with nine different patterns, the gloves can become part of any outfit!

Why is it so important to beat glove sweat, anyway? Apart from the smell (and why wasn’t that enough for you?), letting your gloves go uncleaned or only partially cleaned can lead to bacterial growth, which can be harmful. Washing and then using a heated dryer setting can stop germs and other nastiness in their tracks. Using dried gloves, instead of still-damp ones, is not only more comfortable but healthier for your skin.

Plus, once you’ve bested glove sweat, you can go back to focusing on your second-biggest opponent: yourself. (Let me know how that goes for you. I’ve been punching myself in the face for a while now and I’m not sure I’m getting any closer to victory. I’m not certain that saying is accurate at all.)

 So majestic.


Ready to start knocking out glove sweat? Shop the Strive line now!



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