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Belt Basics: What a Martial Arts Belt Means

I  Wearing Your Rank: The Importance of Martial Arts Belts Students around the world study martial arts, many from early childhood through late adulthood. Practicing a martial arts lifestyle is often a demonstration of perseverance, determination and grit that requires both physical and psychological commitment. Your level of achievement is most often referred to as your rank.
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Why Choose a Century Belt?

Where - Proudly Made in the U.S.A. Did you know that most of Century’s belts are made in America? Our staff is proud to craft the highest quality martial arts belts, right at our company headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK. Our hands and our machines cut, assemble, measure and sew lengths of fabric into belts. Every day, hard-working Americans make belts you can proudly wear. Some of these employee-artisans have been with Century for over 25 years – and our belt supervisor has been with Century since 1984!
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