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Meet the Members of the Gameness Pro Team!

Gameness BJJ is known for its high-quality gis and training equipment. The members of the Gameness Pro Team, the elite athletes the brand sponsors, are also well-known individually as competitors. Besides being chosen for their skill, Gameness Pro Team members must also meet standards of sportsmanship and conduct.
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BJJ vs Jujutsu: What's the Difference?

Most of us have been guilty of it at one point: confusing Brazilian jiu-jitsu with jujutsu. Some of it boils down to wording. For example, if you hear someone say “jiu-jitsu” by itself, they could be referring to either BJJ, or Japanese jiu-jitsu, also called jujutsu. Despite the similarities in names, however, BJJ and jujutsu (also called Japanese jiu-jitsu, also called jiujitsu… you see why this is confusing?) are two distinct arts.
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