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IDEA World Day 2: Enter the Demo Class

I'm writing from the IDEA World Convention in Anaheim, California. It's the go-to fitness industry event for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, gym owners, etc - and Century's a part of it!
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IDEA World Day 1: A Good IDEA (World)

Good morning everyone! I'm writing this blog post from Anaheim, California, where the 2019 IDEA World Convention is taking place - and Century Martial Arts is part of it!
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What Are You Fit For?

  When it comes to fitness, we all know what’s good for us and what’s not. That early morning yoga class? Pretty good. Going right to the couch after work and curling up with a bag of chips? Not so good. Research on the topic is abundant as well. It’s irrefutable that weight, level of physical activity, and dietary choices have an impact on our overall health. So with all this knowledge out there, why do so many of us still struggle to actually do anything to change our fitness?
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Want an Awesome Group Fitness Class at Your Gym? Try These 7!

  Looking for a new group fitness class to bring to your gym? Whether you’re launching the first program of its kind, or introducing a new program to your agenda to add variety, you definitely want to make sure you class is one people will be lining up for!
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What Makes the Torrent T2 Bag So Great?

We're glad you asked!   Torrent, noun tor·rent | \ˈtȯr-ənt \ A tumultuous outpouring; a rush.   The naming process of our Torrent T2 Pro bag was…pretty straightforward. Although you’ll usually see “torrent” used to refer to water elements: a torrent of rain; a torrential flood. We had a different rush in mind, though – the outpouring of strikes from participants in a group fitness class!
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Choosing Your Perfect Eight Count Gloves!

Hey! You there! That’s right, you – the one looking for gloves for your kickboxing or boxing classes! I have something for you. Whether you’re taking these classes yourself or you’re about to start offering one at your gym, and need gloves to offer in your pro shop, I’m here to help you out.
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10 Ways to Make Exercise Enjoyable

  It happens to everyone. You hit the gym with the best intentions, but 10 minutes into your treadmill run – yawn! – you’re already bored enough to leave. Props to you for getting in to the gym at all, but if you’re not engaged in your workout, you’re not going to see the best results! It’s not your fault, though – in a world filled with chores, work, traffic, bills and (ugh) DMV lines, is it any wonder you don’t want to work out if it feels like just one more ho-hum obligation?  
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3 Reasons Why the Torrent Floor Saver is the Hero Your Gym Needs

  Whether you’re a big gym offering tons of group fitness classes, or a small boutique studio, you know the benefits of offering a class like cardio kickboxing or boxing: increased participation, more excitement and enjoyment, less chance of people skipping workouts and a better chance of making friends. Needless to say, those are all things you want for your members! Right?
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Five Meaningful Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

  As a gym owner, there are a lot of things to manage and be on top of. If your gym, like so many others, offers a group fitness curriculum, there can be additional frustrations. Maybe you’re offering a ton of great group classes… but no one is showing up. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to promote your group fitness classes. Education is power, so to help increase participation, make sure your members know about the following benefits of a group fitness class!  
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Staph: The Nasty Little Bacteria Hiding in Your Gym

  Go to a gym long enough, and you’re bound to overhear someone talking about staph infections. No, it doesn’t mean all the employees are sick (staph infection/staff infection; get it?) – ‘staph’ is a shortened term for staphylococcus, a common bacteria that causes infections in the body. There are many strains, but staphylococcus aureus is most commonly the cause of problems. The infections this form of staph causes can range from mild (you’ll have to skip training for a while, mostly out of politeness to avoid smearing your diseased skin on other people/the equipment) to severe (requiring hospitalization).  
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