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The Female Fighters of Victorian England (And Beyond)

When many people, especially non-martial artists, think of martial arts, they imagine a predominantly male environment. Although it’s true that the gender split is closer to 60-40 rather than 50-50, women are well-represented in modern martial arts. What may come as a surprise to everyone, though, is how long women have been involved in martial arts in a sport capacity, rather than necessity-of-life/self-defense capacity.
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Martial Arts Talk: Jennifer Allman

  I frequently find myself inspired by other martial artists. There are so many amazing individuals out there, who are using their talents to make the world a better place. At a Century video shoot, I had the chance to meet another incredible martial artist who is improving lives in our community in Oklahoma City. Sensei Jennifer Allman is a teacher at Harding Fine Arts Academy in OKC, out of which she runs her Firehawk Martial Arts program. She is using her karate background and teaching abilities to bring martial arts to kids who might not otherwise have had access – and it’s changing the entire school! During a break from shooting, I had the chance to interview Allman.
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5 Reasons You Should Be Competing!

  Let’s start of by saying: there is no one right way to train in martial arts, and no one goal that’s right to have. Whether you plan on joining the ranks of pro MMA fighters, or just want to roll two days a week as a stress-buster, your training journey is important. That said, competing in your martial art of choice (at any level – it doesn’t even have to be professional!) can produce some great benefits:  
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