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Entries related to: fitness

What Makes the Torrent T2 Bag So Great?

We're glad you asked!   Torrent, noun tor·rent | \ˈtȯr-ənt \ A tumultuous outpouring; a rush.   The naming process of our Torrent T2 Pro bag was…pretty straightforward. Although you’ll usually see “torrent” used to refer to water elements: a torrent of rain; a torrential flood. We had a different rush in mind, though – the outpouring of strikes from participants in a group fitness class!
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Planning to Get Fit in 2019? Here’s Why You Need to Cut Down on Salt

  If you read The Centurion, you’ve definitely seen one or two posts about sugar: why it’s bad (but so delicious!), why you should probably quit eating it so much and what happens when you do. However, as awful as excessive sugar is for you, it’s not the only hazard hiding in your snacks. Today, we’re looking at another dietary disaster: salt.  
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Choosing Your Perfect Eight Count Gloves!

Hey! You there! That’s right, you – the one looking for gloves for your kickboxing or boxing classes! I have something for you. Whether you’re taking these classes yourself or you’re about to start offering one at your gym, and need gloves to offer in your pro shop, I’m here to help you out.
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Sugar: How Much is Too Much?

  Editor’s note: If you read the Centurion, you probably remember the whole month-without-sugar challenge, and the absolute failure that was the first month and the success that was the second. The people who participated in the challenge noticed some positive results; however, we never really touched on just want makes sugar so bad in the first place. Well, we’re exploring that now!  
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5 Stay-at-Home Ideas for Winter Workouts

  As winter hits, so do the snow and ice. Whether you find yourself dealing with seriously unsafe streets, or simply find it too cold to leave your house, winter weather can seriously cut into gym time. This doesn’t mean that you should force yourself to brave dangerous weather or freezing temperatures to stay in shape. You can take a break from the gym and still stay fit!  
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Rolling Right: How to Avoid Injury on the BJJ Mats

  Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an outstanding hobby. Not only does it teach valuable self-defense skills, it’s also a phenomenal workout, and so fun to do that it will never feel like a chore. Unfortunately, as with all contact sports, BJJ also brings with it the risk of injury. The odds of getting hurt only increase the longer you participate and the older you get.  
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Managing Your Gut Health: Controlling Your Digestive Problems With Diet And Exercise

  Editor’s note: With Thanksgiving just behind us, and Christmas and the rest of the holiday season ahead, we’ve got a lot to look forward to. We’ve also got a lot to look out for, especially when it comes to our diets. The surplus of rich holiday food and drink is a recipe for gut trouble, especially for those with already-sensitive stomachs. This timely guest article is your guide for dealing with tummy trouble, and it’s especially relevant this time of year! Please read on and enjoy this article on keeping your gut healthy!  
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Improving Your Mental Health

  Did you know? October is National Depression Awareness Month, as well as the month that hosts Mental Illness Awareness Week. Although October is almost over, this important issue should be kept on the forefront. Exercise, especially exercise that also includes mental strengthening components (like martial arts!), can help, and many martial artists are already helping fight against mental illnesses like PTSD and depression.
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The Basics of Holding the Best Group Fitness Class!

    It's no secret that people perform certain tasks better in groups. Sociologists have studied group vs. individual performance, and, more often than not, people in certain groups outperform those who participate individually. Group fitness vs. individual exercise is one example of this.  
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10 Ways to Make Exercise Enjoyable

  It happens to everyone. You hit the gym with the best intentions, but 10 minutes into your treadmill run – yawn! – you’re already bored enough to leave. Props to you for getting in to the gym at all, but if you’re not engaged in your workout, you’re not going to see the best results! It’s not your fault, though – in a world filled with chores, work, traffic, bills and (ugh) DMV lines, is it any wonder you don’t want to work out if it feels like just one more ho-hum obligation?  
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