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How a Cardio Kickboxing Class Pays for Itself

  Are you suffering from Cardio Kickboxing Envy? This is the feeling you get when you see other gyms’ fitness kickboxing programs – with their upbeat music, high-energy instructors, and participants who leave sweat-drenched and grinning – and not having anything comparable at your own gym.
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3 Easy Ways to Promote Pro Shop Glove Sales

  If your gym offers a cardio boxing or kickboxing group fitness class, you’ve probably already thought about selling gloves. Now, you’ve made the call: you’re going to keep up with your competition, make extra revenue for your gym, and provide a valuable service to your members. However, you know that you can’t just throw gloves onto your sales floor and wait for them to sell.
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The Best Gloves for Every Fitness Program

  Martial arts workouts definitely pack a punch! But before you start striking, you need to make sure you’re using the right gloves. If you’re new to this form of fitness, this blog’s for you!
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Have A Martial Art’s Valentine’s Day with Nigel!

The hearts you see on Valentine’s Day don’t have to have to be limited to representing romantic love! Valentine’s Day is also the perfect occasion to remind friends and family that they are loved and appreciated, or do something kind for your own heart. Nigel loves all things related to holidays and celebrations, so he’s the perfect friend for Valentine’s Day! Here are some ways to have some kid-friendly fun on Valentine’s Day with Nigel:
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Top Fitness Equipment of 2017

You’ve probably heard about the five fitness trends gaining traction in 2017. Many of them share a theme: decreased reliance on traditional gyms. There’s nothing wrong with heading to the gym to get your fit on. However, many people are looking for a new place to work out and finding it at home. Having your “gym” in your living room is convenient for a few reasons. For one, you never need to worry about crowded spaces. Transportation is a cinch, and the commute can be measured in seconds and footsteps.
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Angela Gracie Recipe Book Review and Recipe

Hi there! My name is Sarah. I’m a martial artist (I’ve trained in Muay Thai for about four years and started Brazilian jiu-jitsu about eight months ago) and – I won’t say foodie because that implies an amount of sophistication, not to mention budget, beyond what I possess, but I certainly enjoy cooking and eating. So when I got the opportunity to test recipes from the Angela Gracie Recipe Book for this blog, I was happy to do so. 
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Fitness Trends Set to Go Big (or Get Bigger!) in 2017

Did you know that, according to a survey on Neilson.com, two of the most common New Year’s resolutions are to get fitter and healthier, or to lose weight? Isn’t it great that so many people use this time of year as the starting point to make changes that could really improve their lives? …If only it really worked that way. As it turns out, these are two of the most frequently broken resolutions as well. Clearly this is something people want to do, or they wouldn’t be making the resolution in the first place. So what goes consistently wrong to keep all these well-meaning resolution-makers from reaching their goals?
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Creative Obstacle Course Ideas for Parents

When I was a kid, my sister and a few of our friends and I would often walk to the local elementary school on weekends. It had a small playground – nothing fancy, but it was close to all our houses. One of our favorite games was to take turns inventing obstacle courses and seeing who could make it through the fastest. We probably looked crazy to anyone who happened to drive by, but it was fun. The competitive element was only part of it. What we enjoyed most was the challenge of pushing ourselves, regardless of how everyone did, and the fun of creating new courses each time.
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How to use the Century Weighted Fitness Bag

They say everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die to get there. This tenet holds true on a smaller, earthly scale as well. We all want to get in shape, but not everybody wants to go to the gym to get there. Membership fees, lines for the machines, that one guy who takes all the free weights and never puts them back – pass. Fortunately there are a lot of great ways to get an effective workout without leaving the house. Since we created the first freestanding punching bag, Century has been a firm friend to the home gym crowd. Whether your exercise space occupies a full room or is a mat that you roll out when you need it, we have the equipment you need to boost your work out. One of the latest fitness products from Century is designed to allow you to get a full-body workout, without going to the gym or even leaving your room! Our Weighted Fitness Bags are available in 15 and 30 lb weights, for various degrees of difficulty. Six handles located along the sides and top/bottom of the bag allow you to switch your grip as required for different exercises. Here are a few examples of how you can use your bag:   UPPER BODY Standing Rows: Hold the top handle of the bag with both hands. Lift the bag by bringing your elbows up until they are level with your shoulders or head. Slowly lower the bag to its starting position and repeat. Overhead Press: This exercise can be done standing up, or lying down on a bench or the ground. Grasp the bag by either the top/bottom handles or two of the side handles, as you prefer. If standing, start with the bag held at chest level. Lift it up, raise it above your head, then slowly lower it to the starting position. If lying down, start with the bag positioned above your chest. Lift it straight up, then lower it until your elbows are at a 45 degree angle. Curls: Hold the bag in front of you by two of the side handles, gripping to your palms are facing up. Keeping your elbows at your sides, lift the bag and bring it in towards your chest. Pause at the top of the lift, then slowly return the bag to its starting position. Split-Level Pushups: Start in the push-up position, with one hand on top of the bag. Do a push up, then bring your other hand in so that it is now on the bag. Take the hand that was on the bag off and place it on the floor and do another push-up. Repeat, going back and forth between hands.   CORE
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The Right Way to add Stretching to Your Workout

  Practicing a martial art is wonderful for physical health. But because martial arts techniques often involve physical motions outside of what most people do on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to warm up before practicing. Stretching helps build flexibility so you can become an effective martial arts practitioner. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Here’s the smart way to incorporate stretching into your practice routine.
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