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What to Get Your Martial Artist for Valentine's Day

  If you train in martial arts, and have gotten to experience the benefits (physical and mental) that come with involvement, and get to be a part of the community (a colorful assortment of people who use the phrase, “Hey, check out my bruises,” far more than any other segment of the population), you probably consider yourself pretty lucky (I know I do). If your S.O. trains with you – or in any art, for that matter – and you get to share that part of your life with them, you’re doubly lucky!
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Staph: The Nasty Little Bacteria Hiding in Your Gym

  Go to a gym long enough, and you’re bound to overhear someone talking about staph infections. No, it doesn’t mean all the employees are sick (staph infection/staff infection; get it?) – ‘staph’ is a shortened term for staphylococcus, a common bacteria that causes infections in the body. There are many strains, but staphylococcus aureus is most commonly the cause of problems. The infections this form of staph causes can range from mild (you’ll have to skip training for a while, mostly out of politeness to avoid smearing your diseased skin on other people/the equipment) to severe (requiring hospitalization).  
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5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Your First Pair of Boxing Gloves

  When it comes to boxing gloves, the average person may have a hard time telling the difference between one pair and the next. Choosing the correct glove will not only improve your experience, but will also help you reduce your risk of injury. Whether you need gloves for fitness, bag training, or any contact sport, this article will help you to understand some of the basic differences between several styles of boxing gloves, including weight, material and the training style you intend to use them for.
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7 Essential Pieces of Karate Sparring Gear

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From Obscurity to the Olympics: The Punok Story

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3 Easy Ways to Promote Pro Shop Glove Sales

  If your gym offers a cardio boxing or kickboxing group fitness class, you’ve probably already thought about selling gloves. Now, you’ve made the call: you’re going to keep up with your competition, make extra revenue for your gym, and provide a valuable service to your members. However, you know that you can’t just throw gloves onto your sales floor and wait for them to sell.
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