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The Centurion

Entries related to: history

The Female Fighters of Victorian England (And Beyond)

When many people, especially non-martial artists, think of martial arts, they imagine a predominantly male environment. Although it’s true that the gender split is closer to 60-40 rather than 50-50, women are well-represented in modern martial arts. What may come as a surprise to everyone, though, is how long women have been involved in martial arts in a sport capacity, rather than necessity-of-life/self-defense capacity.
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The Inspiring History of Capoeira

This unconventional martial art is a combination of fighting techniques blended with acrobatic dance. The result is an art with complex movements that are as deadly as they are beautiful. Learning to perform capoeira can take some time. Those who practice this centuries-old martial art must master the art of constantly moving in a flowing style instead of the more common fixed positions found in many other styles of martial arts.
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Bokator: The Martial Art Fighting its Way Back from the Dead

As mixed martial arts enjoy increasing popularity throughout the world, there is one martial art that is struggling to become known. Bokator is an ancient martial art from Cambodia that was all but extinguished during the reign of the Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979.
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The Rituals of Muay Thai

You’re probably already familiar with the brutality and beauty of muay thai. This ancient art of warriors and kings is heavily favored in modern MMA, and. However, muay thai tradition has a long history of rituals, superstitions and unique cultural views that are less common. Here is a brief history of the origin of muay thai and some of its more common rituals and meanings.
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From East to West: A Quick History of the Nunchaku

If you’ve ever watched martial arts movies or cartoons, you’ve seen nunchaku in action. In the hands of experienced fighters and trained actors, they deliver movement that’s fluid, graceful, and even artistic. Bruce Lee popularized the weapon in America in the 1960s thanks to his famous films such as “Enter the Dragon.” Yet well before the master himself demonstrated its techniques on the silver screen, this legendary instrument had an awesome history that’s several centuries long.
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Tahtib: A Living Artifact from Ancient Egypt

Tahtib is a little-known stick fighting discipline developed during Egypt’s pharaoh period. Its history has seen it used in combat, snubbed by its countrymen, and transformed into a type of folkloric dance, before its re-emergence as a martial art in recent years.
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BJJ vs Jujutsu: What's the Difference?

Most of us have been guilty of it at one point: confusing Brazilian jiu-jitsu with jujutsu. Some of it boils down to wording. For example, if you hear someone say “jiu-jitsu” by itself, they could be referring to either BJJ, or Japanese jiu-jitsu, also called jujutsu. Despite the similarities in names, however, BJJ and jujutsu (also called Japanese jiu-jitsu, also called jiujitsu… you see why this is confusing?) are two distinct arts.
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