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The Collected Wisdom of Martial Arts Icon Dan Inosanto

On July 24, 1936, Dan Inosanto was born. As a 4th-grader, he received his first exposure to the martial arts when his uncle taught him te [the Okinawan word for “hand.”]. In college, he studied judo, then dabbled in the Korean, Okinawan and Japanese striking arts.
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Eight Things I Learned from Attending My First Seminar

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Martial Arts Talk: Harinder Singh

One of the things everyone looks forward to at the Martial Arts SuperShow each year is the chance to learn tips and techniques from some of the amazing martial artists presenting there. This year, one of those who you’ll have the chance to train with is Sifu Harinder Singh, founder of the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association, phenomenal multi-style artist, unmatched instructor and all-around very nice guy (aren’t all the best martial artists?). He’s got both a pre-conference event and a regular seminar, so hopefully your planned SuperShow schedule can accommodate at least one. You won’t want to miss it!
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Reasons We <3 Martial Arts!

At Century, we love martial arts. It’s a plain and simple fact. How can you not love them when you’re immersed in them every day, not just in training but in the behind-the-scenes work that goes on at the world’s leading martial arts equipment supplier? So, because it’s Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate that love of the arts and share it! I asked a handful of my coworkers to answer the question, “Why do you love martial arts?” Here’s what they had to say:  
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What Do You Know about Jeet Kune Do?

  What is jeet kune do? Broken down word by word, “jeet” means “to intercept;” “kune” means “fist;” and “do” means “the way.” Therefore, a rough translation of jeet kune do (often shortened to simply JKD) is “the way of the intercepting fist. However, the creator of JKD, the late Bruce Lee, placed little importance in the name. Rather, Lee emphasized the importance of how JKD taught students to learn about themselves.  
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