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The Centurion

Entries related to: journeys

The Journey of Dana Hee

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The Journey of Alec Brown

  When Alec Brown was born, his parents noticed his legs bent oddly. Even when he began to walk, when he would stand he kept his legs bent at the knees as though crouching. It became apparent that he almost could not physically straighten them. When he was four years old, Shriners Hospitals for Children in St. Louis diagnosed Brown with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects the brain’s ability to control muscles.  
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The Journey of Tori and Cathy Andreozzi

  Tori Lynn Andreozzi earned her black belt in karate at the age of 12.  One of the highlights of her competitive career came when she was only nine years old, at the Quebec Open. She was excited to compete and mingle with other martial artists. When she was the first to present out of 52 in her division, she expected to be forgotten by the judges. It didn’t dim her attitude, though – she was just happy to be there.
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The Journey of Pat Johnson

  Training Mr. Miyagi   In 1984, one of the most acclaimed martial arts movies, The Karate Kid, introduced the world to an equally iconic character. Mr. Miyagi, played by Pat Morita, epitomizes the standard of wisdom, patience, and pure skill anyone should be so lucky to find in a teacher. The performance netted Morita an Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor. There is no doubt that he was a great actor, but, ironically, the man who would play a karate master had no martial arts training prior to taking his famous role.
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The Journey of Shihan Dana Abbott

  This story could be the plot of a martial arts action movie: a young man from Arizona dreams of learning swordsmanship, sets off for Japan to follow the same path as the samurai warriors from centuries past, and studies under one of the world’s premier masters to emerge decades later as a master in his own right.
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