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The Road to MASS19 Part 2: 5 Essential Items You NEED TO BRING

  Ready to head to the 2019 Martial Arts SuperShow? Not without reading this blog you’re not! Featuring advice from MAIA Executive Director Frank Silverman, this second of a three-part post series will cover what you need to bring to the Show – plus the five top essential items according to Mr. Silverman (even the one he admits to forgetting sometimes!).   (Psst - the first post is here if you missed it!)  
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Martial Arts Talk: Ted Sumner

  Have I mentioned recently how much I love working at Century Martial Arts? Every day brings something new – and some of the best days are those where we get visitors and guest instructors, like Grand Master Ted Sumner, 10th degree kenpo black belt and long-time instructor.
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Martial Arts and the Ancient Code of Honor

  In a society that increasingly is marked by contentiousness, bullying and insincerity, infusing young people with a strong moral compass has never been more important—or more of a challenge for parents. The overwhelming influence of social media, coupled with pop culture’s promotion of some less-than-stellar figures as role models, make growing up difficult in today’s world.
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A Sleek Ninja Sneak Preview!

  “Exercise, diet and sleep,” Eric the Trainer says. “This is the science of transformation.” The creator of the Sleek Ninja fitness program speaks from experience – before this celebrity trainer created his program or took on a single star client, his was the first body he transformed. Eric Fleishman was a self-described “weakling.” He began training in martial arts and fitness as a young teen, and discovered his calling.
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Martial Arts Talk: Grand Master Fred Weeks

  One of the interesting things about my generation (millennials, or 90s kids, if you will—) is that we grew up with martial arts, even if we didn’t train. I never set foot in a martial arts gym until I was in my 20s, but I could have rattled off the names of a half-dozen or so styles, and I knew of multiple gyms/dojos around town. I never even thought about it, but now I realize that I the prevalence of martial arts in the US isn’t something to be taken for granted. I – and all young martial artists – get to enjoy the benefits of the work done by previous generations, including men like Grand Master Fred Weeks.
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Happy New Year 2019! - Letter from the Editor

  Hello everybody! Happy New Year’s! I hope everyone had a wonderful time the other night, and that you’ve all recovered from any…excessive celebrations by now (hey, sleep deprivation is no joke!). I hope you stayed safe and, if you live anywhere even as cold as Oklahoma, which is hardly devastating in terms of winter conditions but still, I hope you stayed warm.
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Why You Need Martial Arts in 2019

  Time for some fun facts about New Year’s!
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The Secret to Succeeding in ANY New Year's Resolution

  WELCOME TO 2019 – well, almost. We’re at the point where we’re counting down by minutes and seconds, rather than days and weeks. We’ve got the fizzy drinks and those little confetti-spewing gun-smoke-smelling party poppers stocked. We’re all anticipating misdating everything we write for the next few weeks (or months…in my case, it’ll be months), resulting in a whole lot of really weird-looking number 9s. And. If you’re like most of us, you’ve made a New Year’s resolution.
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4 Martial Arts Shows to Binge-Watch During the Holiday Break

It’s almost the holidays! With days off from work and school, you’re probably looking at a bit of extra free time – so why not use it to binge-watch some martial arts TV shows? :D    
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Do You Know These Four History-Making Martial Artists?

When you ask someone to think of a history-making martial artist, they may think of classic martial arts film icons, like Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris, or modern MMA newsmakers like Conor McGregor or Daniel Cormier.
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