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Meet Muay Thai's Cousin, Lerdrit

With the rising international interest in the martial art of Muay Thai over the past several decades, many fighters and athletes have sought global fame and heavy purses through competitions of the sport. While Muay Thai takes years to learn to practice correctly, an even tougher version of the martial art can take decades. This style, called Lerdrit or Muay Lert Rit, has origins in the practices of the warriors of Siam (the former name of Thailand, where both Lerdrit and Muay Thai were developed).
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The Rituals of Muay Thai

You’re probably already familiar with the brutality and beauty of muay thai. This ancient art of warriors and kings is heavily favored in modern MMA, and. However, muay thai tradition has a long history of rituals, superstitions and unique cultural views that are less common. Here is a brief history of the origin of muay thai and some of its more common rituals and meanings.
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Why You Should Never, Ever Learn Martial Arts

  Here at The Centurion, we usually try to put a positive spin on martial arts and training. Clearly, this one-sided approach is problematic, as it doesn’t cover the many downsides of martial arts training. So today, I’m going to play the devil’s advocate and let you know exactly why you and your loved ones should steer clear of the scourge that is martial arts:  
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The Value of Yoga for Martial Artists

  A quiet yoga class full of students contorting and stretching themselves on mats may not be the first thing you think of when picturing effective supplementary training for martial arts. But think again! In addition to being an excellent workout for building flexibility (like you need for high kicks and squirming out of chokes), yoga is also an incredibly useful second hobby for martial artists.  
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What to Get Your Martial Artist for Valentine's Day

  If you train in martial arts, and have gotten to experience the benefits (physical and mental) that come with involvement, and get to be a part of the community (a colorful assortment of people who use the phrase, “Hey, check out my bruises,” far more than any other segment of the population), you probably consider yourself pretty lucky (I know I do). If your S.O. trains with you – or in any art, for that matter – and you get to share that part of your life with them, you’re doubly lucky!
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Martial Arts Talk: Perry William Kelly

  Ever wonder, “Will I still be training and competing ten years from now?” If you’re worried about your fifties or sixties putting an end to your martial arts journey – a concern felt especially among those who train in striking-based martial arts – you need to read this interview with Perry William Kelly.
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Cardio Kickboxing vs. Kickboxing: What's the Difference?

  Wait—Kickboxing and Cardio Kickboxing Aren't the Same Thing? When it comes to cardio kickboxing, misconceptions are still common. You may be familiar with these scenarios: you’re hanging out with a friend for coffee and she mentions she’s trying a cardio kickboxing class. You laugh. “Why?” you ask. “Are you trying to fight or something?” Or maybe you’ve been eyeing that sign at your gym – “New Class Open! Come try Cardio Kickboxing today!” – with trepidation, wondering how long it’s going to be until you start seeing black eyes and bruises on your fellow gym-goers.
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Superstitions in Martial Arts

  Happy Friday the 13th! As we all know, if, on this day, you walk under a ladder while carrying a black cat and breaking a mirror, a madman in a ski mask will chase you with a machete. At least, that’s according to the traditional Friday the 13th superstition.
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