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The Centurion

Entries related to: product-review

Century Product Review: Self-Defense Keychains

By Guest Blogger William Tresten
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Century Product Review: The Double Target

This product review comes from Sifu Jimmy Manfredy! While I was looking for potential writers for these blogs, he happened to visit Century. I asked if he was familiar with any of the products I still needed reviews for. "Oh, sure," was the immediate response. "I use those targets all the time. I can even do videos, if you want!" I did. So now, you get not only a review blog, but some demo videos too! 
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Century Product Review: Tegu Headgear

In October, I put out a call for blog ideas: Which Century Martial Arts items were people curious to know more about? One suggestion for a review came from Alvin Myers, who asked about the Tegu Headgear.
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Century Product Review: The Blastmaster Shield

This Century Product Review blog was requested by Mike Plachy, who wanted to learn more about Century’s Blast Master Shield. This shield is one of our most unique items, but, sad to say, I’ve never used it in training, let alone come up with drills and exercises for it – so I reached out to someone who has!
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