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How to Not Go Totally Insane When an Injury Forces You to Take Time Off Training

  A few weeks ago, I was heading out to hang out with some friends after an afternoon of training. As I was getting ready, I became aware of a growing pain in my lower right leg, starting at the ankle and moving up the shin. It just felt like a bruise, so I ignored it – until I went to put on jeans, and noticed a swelling the size of half a grapefruit (or a large orange; I’m not a fruit expert) ballooning from the limb.
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Why Better Sleep = Better Mental Health

  We spend so much time focusing on the active aspects of our health – what we put into our bodies (or what we don’t), and the exercise we get – that we sometimes forget one of the most important pieces of our health: taking a break. Specifically, to sleep.  
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Exercise and Addiction Recovery: The Best Ways to Get Healthy

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5 Ways to Speed Recovery After a Training Injury

Over the course of our lives, most of us will experience some form of physical injury. And while participation in martial arts and other sports is great for our health in many ways, unfortunately, it also increases our risk of certain injuries.
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