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Entries related to: sparring

A Review of C-Gear

When I received Century’s C-Gear line for review, I was excited to try out some brand new sparring gear that was a pretty significant departure from what I was used to. Having only really worked with their P2 gear in the past, I was excited to see what else Century had to offer. And, I have to say, I was pretty impressed. Overall, the gear felt light, but had a good sense of spring and protection when sparring. It afforded easy movement, and made contact fine for both myself, and my partners.  
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Century Convertible Shin Guard

There are two things that pretty much anyone learning martial arts can agree on: one, that sparring is great. Two, that shin guards and boots are also great, because getting your kick checked by an elbow hurts quite a bit. It’s almost inevitable that at some point during sparring, usually after a series of kicks, one person will abruptly pause, hold up a hand, and say “Wait, sorry, one second…” Then they struggle, with their gloves on, to readjust a shin guard that’s trying to slip around to the side, or slide their boot back into place.
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