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Martial Arts Talk: Harinder Singh

One of the things everyone looks forward to at the Martial Arts SuperShow each year is the chance to learn tips and techniques from some of the amazing martial artists presenting there. This year, one of those who you’ll have the chance to train with is Sifu Harinder Singh, founder of the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association, phenomenal multi-style artist, unmatched instructor and all-around very nice guy (aren’t all the best martial artists?). He’s got both a pre-conference event and a regular seminar, so hopefully your planned SuperShow schedule can accommodate at least one. You won’t want to miss it!
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A Sleek Ninja Sneak Preview!

  “Exercise, diet and sleep,” Eric the Trainer says. “This is the science of transformation.” The creator of the Sleek Ninja fitness program speaks from experience – before this celebrity trainer created his program or took on a single star client, his was the first body he transformed. Eric Fleishman was a self-described “weakling.” He began training in martial arts and fitness as a young teen, and discovered his calling.
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The Road to MASS19 Part 1: How to Get to the Show (Yes, it’s Totally Possible)!

  Guess what time it is? It’s MARTIAL ARTS SUPERSHOW TIME! Well, okay, technically the Show is in June, but it’s never too early to start thinking about it, and it’s definitely not too early to start planning, especially if you’ve never been before. So for all you SuperShow newbies, or those of you still thinking about going, this one’s for you!  
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Happy Birthday to Ricardo Liborio!

  Today may be an “unlucky” day according to superstition, but this particular Friday the 13th is also a day for celebration – it’s the birthday of Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend Master Ricardo Liborio!
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We're Off to the SuperShow! -- An Open Letter from Century's Writer

  Hey everyone! It’s that time of year again – time for SuperShow! I hope that many of you are going, or are even there already. And, I’m going too! I’ll be working with our social media team to help tell the stories of the people and events there. In fact, as you read this blog, now, on Friday June 29th, 2018, I’m probably frantically packing my suitcase, confirming my flight time, and making sure that I actually bring shoes for this trip (I forgot them one time and my family has yet to let me live it down).
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You Can’t Say “A Tactical Martial Art” Without “Attack”

  Online, you can find any number of active debates as to which martial art is the best for self-defense. As long as more than one art exists, it’s unlikely a consensus will be reached. However, if you ask us “Which art should you learn for self-defense?” the answer is just “Yes.”
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I Watched the Original "Karate Kid" Movie for the First Time, and I Have Some Thoughts

  You may be wondering how I went through nearly 30 years of my life without ever watching a classic such as The Karate Kid. I will be totally honest with you – I don’t know. It falls into several genres I ordinarily like (underdog story, action, martial arts), and I’m also pretty sure that working in the martial arts industry without having seen it is tantamount to a fireable offense.
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The Bo: From Covert Weapon to Sport Staple

  The weapon called the bo, or bo staff*, has appeared in pop culture for decades, from the ancient Chinese epic Journey to the West and Robin Hood**, to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pacific Rim. It’s still a favorite in martial arts dojos today, and new forms are still being developed for it. The bo has a long and storied history that dates back to some of the earliest days of recorded history.  
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Four Fun Facts about Krav Maga

  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the art whose name means “contact combat” in Hebrew is consistently ranked as one of the best for self-defense. The Israeli art has practitioners around the world. Even if you’ve never trained in krav directly, if you’ve attended a self-defense class, chances are what you learned borrowed from krav fundamentals.
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