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5 Reasons You Should Be Competing!

  Let’s start of by saying: there is no one right way to train in martial arts, and no one goal that’s right to have. Whether you plan on joining the ranks of pro MMA fighters, or just want to roll two days a week as a stress-buster, your training journey is important. That said, competing in your martial art of choice (at any level – it doesn’t even have to be professional!) can produce some great benefits:  
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The Bare Bones Facts of Bone Health – And Why It’s So Important!

  Your bones are one of the most important parts of your body. They not only provide the support your body needs to hold muscles in place and move freely, but also supply calcium to the body's cells, holds the bone marrow that helps make your blood and bone cells, and protect your organs. Without healthy bones, your body and life would be much different. This is (part of!) the reason why eating right and exercising are so important.  
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Want an Awesome Group Fitness Class at Your Gym? Try These 7!

  Looking for a new group fitness class to bring to your gym? Whether you’re launching the first program of its kind, or introducing a new program to your agenda to add variety, you definitely want to make sure you class is one people will be lining up for!
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How to Not Go Totally Insane When an Injury Forces You to Take Time Off Training

  A few weeks ago, I was heading out to hang out with some friends after an afternoon of training. As I was getting ready, I became aware of a growing pain in my lower right leg, starting at the ankle and moving up the shin. It just felt like a bruise, so I ignored it – until I went to put on jeans, and noticed a swelling the size of half a grapefruit (or a large orange; I’m not a fruit expert) ballooning from the limb.
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The Best Ways for Seniors to Savor Their Lives - And Get Healthier!

  Do you feel like, as you’ve grown older, you’re losing some of the best of your youthful attributes? I don’t just mean lush hair or tight skin – I mean the important ones, like a sharp mind and relatively pain-free movement. Since aging is inevitable, you may feel like you have no say in the matter. But you have far more control than you think!    
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Choosing Your Perfect Eight Count Gloves!

Hey! You there! That’s right, you – the one looking for gloves for your kickboxing or boxing classes! I have something for you. Whether you’re taking these classes yourself or you’re about to start offering one at your gym, and need gloves to offer in your pro shop, I’m here to help you out.
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Happy New Year 2019! - Letter from the Editor

  Hello everybody! Happy New Year’s! I hope everyone had a wonderful time the other night, and that you’ve all recovered from any…excessive celebrations by now (hey, sleep deprivation is no joke!). I hope you stayed safe and, if you live anywhere even as cold as Oklahoma, which is hardly devastating in terms of winter conditions but still, I hope you stayed warm.
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Martial Arts Talk: Mackensi Emory

  Mackensi Emory is a 59-time sport karate world champion and member of Team Paul Mitchell Karate. A student of Kyoshi Dave Kovar at Kovar’s Satori Academy, she also has a strong traditional martial arts background – something that she says is more common in sport karate athletes that people realize. She stopped by Century Martial Arts HQ recently, and The Centurion managed to steal time for a quick interview with Kensi, about her current career, plans for the future and signature series kama line plus a few fun questions as always!  
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12 Tips for Being the Perfect Training Partner

  I’ve trained in several martial arts (krav maga, muay thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, jeet kune do, kali) over a time period of eight or so years. For all their differences, they – and all martial arts – have one thing in common: partner training. There is no martial art where partner training doesn’t play a crucial role. So like it or not, you are going to have a major impact on the quality of training all your partners get.   
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Beating the White Belt Blues: A Beginner's Guide to Staying Motivated and Getting Better

  Being a white belt can be hard. You see your higher-ranked teammates trying cool moves you’ve never learned, and you face off during live rounds against those teammates and find yourself in over your head. It’s easy to get frustrated when the moves you practice daily seem harder for you than they do for your teammates. However, having the right attitude can vastly improve your experience on the mats to ensure you get the most out of every class -- and turn yourself into the person the newer students are looking up to as quickly as possible.
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