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Beating the White Belt Blues: A Beginner's Guide to Staying Motivated and Getting Better

  Being a white belt can be hard. You see your higher-ranked teammates trying cool moves you’ve never learned, and you face off during live rounds against those teammates and find yourself in over your head. It’s easy to get frustrated when the moves you practice daily seem harder for you than they do for your teammates. However, having the right attitude can vastly improve your experience on the mats to ensure you get the most out of every class -- and turn yourself into the person the newer students are looking up to as quickly as possible.
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The Basics of Holding the Best Group Fitness Class!

    It's no secret that people perform certain tasks better in groups. Sociologists have studied group vs. individual performance, and, more often than not, people in certain groups outperform those who participate individually. Group fitness vs. individual exercise is one example of this.  
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10 Ways to Make Exercise Enjoyable

  It happens to everyone. You hit the gym with the best intentions, but 10 minutes into your treadmill run – yawn! – you’re already bored enough to leave. Props to you for getting in to the gym at all, but if you’re not engaged in your workout, you’re not going to see the best results! It’s not your fault, though – in a world filled with chores, work, traffic, bills and (ugh) DMV lines, is it any wonder you don’t want to work out if it feels like just one more ho-hum obligation?  
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Martial Arts Talk: Perry William Kelly

  Ever wonder, “Will I still be training and competing ten years from now?” If you’re worried about your fifties or sixties putting an end to your martial arts journey – a concern felt especially among those who train in striking-based martial arts – you need to read this interview with Perry William Kelly.
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3 Reasons Why the Torrent Floor Saver is the Hero Your Gym Needs

  Whether you’re a big gym offering tons of group fitness classes, or a small boutique studio, you know the benefits of offering a class like cardio kickboxing or boxing: increased participation, more excitement and enjoyment, less chance of people skipping workouts and a better chance of making friends. Needless to say, those are all things you want for your members! Right?
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Why There’s No Such Thing as “Too Old” for Martial Arts

  In one of last week’s blog posts, we discussed some of the common myths surrounding martial arts. However, there was one BIG one we didn’t get to. It deserves special attention because it dissuades an entire demographic, who could potentially reap huge benefits from training, from joining martial arts. This is the myth that there is an age that’s “too old” for martial arts training.  
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Fight the Funk: The Importance of Cleaning Your Martial Arts Gear

  Training in martial arts is one of the best decisions you can make to improve yourself. Not only are martial arts a great way to get in better shape, learn new skills and improve your self-defense abilities, they’re also a ton of fun. Unfortunately, with a great workout comes an inevitable side effect – sweating.
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5 Martial Arts Myths BUSTED!

  There are plenty of myths swirling around martial arts. And I don’t just mean the superstitious variety. I mean misconceptions and mistaken beliefs that have somehow gained status as facts. These are annoying at best. At worst, they keep people away from training in martial arts – people who otherwise would have benefited from everything the martial arts have to offer.
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Do Martial Arts Work in Street Fights? 5 Common Myths Examined

  One of the most common questions about martial arts training is whether the techniques work in real situations such as street fights. The answer isn't simple, and it depends on several factors.
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What Do You Know about Jeet Kune Do?

  What is jeet kune do? Broken down word by word, “jeet” means “to intercept;” “kune” means “fist;” and “do” means “the way.” Therefore, a rough translation of jeet kune do (often shortened to simply JKD) is “the way of the intercepting fist. However, the creator of JKD, the late Bruce Lee, placed little importance in the name. Rather, Lee emphasized the importance of how JKD taught students to learn about themselves.  
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