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The History of Weapons in Martial Arts Part I

Just about any martial arts school you go into today will offer some form of weapons training. This is especially true if the school teaches karate, the art responsible for developing the use of many of these weapons. Given how ubiquitous this training is today, would it surprise you to learn that there was a time when weapons training was carried out in utmost secrecy?
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Choosing the Right Bo Staff

Are you one of the thousands of people in the US and throughout the world who trains in using the rokushakubo, or bo staff? It’s a popular weapon for karate practitioners, and for good reason. Training with a bo staff is great conditioning for the upper body, and there are an almost infinite number of bo techniques and tricks that beginning and skilled practitioners can learn. Or maybe you don’t train with a bo staff but you want to learn. Stop thinking and go for it! There’s no better time to start learning a new martial art form than the present. Here are some tips to start your bo staff journey off right:
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ActionFlex™ Sci-Fi Battle Sabers

ActionFlex™ Sci-Fi Battle Sabers are available in three space-age colors so that young swordfighters can choose the one best suited to their personalities: green, blue, or
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