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The Centurion

The New COVID Normal

Century Product Review: Strive Gloves

Coronavirus and Cleaning Your Gear

Protect Your Heart with Martial Arts

The Journey of Jason Regan

The Female Fighters of Victorian England (And Beyond)

Krav Maga for Fitness and Self-Defense

Say “Bonjour” to the French Martial Art of Savate

Meet Muay Thai's Cousin, Lerdrit

The Journey of Natalie Sharp

Remembering Bruce Lee

The Journey of Joshua Loya

The Inspiring History of Capoeira

Personal Protection: Choosing The Right Martial Arts Defense Training Against Sexual Assault

Bob-O-Ween 2019!

The Importance of Stance

Meet the Members of the Gameness Pro Team!

Bokator: The Martial Art Fighting its Way Back from the Dead

The Journey of Dan Kersten

The Rituals of Muay Thai

From East to West: A Quick History of the Nunchaku

Tahtib: A Living Artifact from Ancient Egypt

The High-Kicking King of Rock and Roll

The Way of the Knife: Self-Defense at Close Quarters

The Journey of Leo Howard

BJJ vs Jujutsu: What's the Difference?

You Know You’re a Martial Artist When Your Childhood Revolved Around These Movies

The Journey of Ernie Reyes Jr.

How to Pick the Right Nunchaku For You

7 Fun Facts on the Gentlemanly Art of Bartitsu

The Journey of Quinton Hooper

Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids with Autism

Interested in Fitness? Consider Taking Martial Arts

The Collected Wisdom of Martial Arts Icon Dan Inosanto

The Journey of Dana Hee

Making A Century Ad

Fighting Depression With Martial Arts

The Journey of Alec Brown

IDEA World Day 2: Enter the Demo Class

IDEA World Day 1: A Good IDEA (World)

5 Tips to run a Successful Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

Facebusters, Foot Fights, and Foils: The Overlooked World of European Martial Arts

Martial Arts in the Military

The Road to MASS19 Part 3: What to do at the SuperShow

The Journey of Tori and Cathy Andreozzi

Martial Arts Talk: Jennifer Allman

Eight Things I Learned from Attending My First Seminar

Happy Memorial Day!

Don't Buy the Weapon; Be the Weapon!

8 Ways Martial Arts Helps Children With Attention Difficulties

The Road to MASS19 Part 2: 5 Essential Items You NEED TO BRING

Happy Mother's Day - Also Did You Know How Cool Donnie Yen's Mom Is?

The Journey of Shihan Dana Abbott

Why You Should Never, Ever Learn Martial Arts

Martial Arts Talk: Ted Sumner

Martial Arts and the Ancient Code of Honor

The Value of Yoga for Martial Artists

The Four Main Karate Styles and Their Differences

Martial Arts Talk: Harinder Singh

Help Knock Out Parkinson's Disease this April

Your Ultimate Guide to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis

5 Reasons You Should Be Competing!

The Bare Bones Facts of Bone Health – And Why It’s So Important!

How to Not Go Totally Insane When an Injury Forces You to Take Time Off Training

5 of the Most Common Martial Arts Injuries (And How to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Them)

These "Cancer Warriors" Are Fighting one of the Toughest Battles. But they're not alone.

Reasons We <3 Martial Arts!

Get Heart-Smart for February!

7 Amazing, Actually True Facts about Chuck Norris

The Best Ways for Seniors to Savor Their Lives - And Get Healthier!

What to Get Your Martial Artist for Valentine's Day

Thinking About Adding Supplements to Your Healthcare Routine? Read This First!

These Cool African Martial Arts are Often Overlooked - Do You Know Them?

Want to get Fit? Here’s Why You Need to Cut Down on Salt

Martial Arts Talk: Grand Master Fred Weeks

Martial Arts in the Olympics

Sugar: How Much is Too Much?

Happy New Year 2019! - Letter from the Editor

Why You Need Martial Arts in 2019

The Secret to Succeeding in ANY New Year's Resolution

4 Martial Arts Shows to Binge-Watch During the Holiday Break

5 Stay-at-Home Ideas for Winter Workouts

Rolling Right: How to Avoid Injury on the BJJ Mats

Managing Your Gut Health: Controlling Your Digestive Problems With Diet And Exercise

Martial Arts Talk: Mackensi Emory

Martial Arts Talk: Jackson Rudolph

Do You Know These Four History-Making Martial Artists?

What Martial Arts Classes Offer Kids (That Team Sports Don’t!)

Beating the White Belt Blues: A Beginner's Guide to Staying Motivated and Getting Better

Martial Arts Talk: Danny Etkin

It's Time for BOBoween!

How to Encourage Your Child’s Success in Martial Arts

Two Months Without Sugar: Part 3

Why Better Sleep = Better Mental Health

Martial Arts Talk: Perry William Kelly

5 Meaningful Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Why There’s No Such Thing as “Too Old” for Martial Arts

Fight the Funk: The Importance of Cleaning Your Martial Arts Gear

Two Months Without Sugar: Part 2

Raising Empowered Daughters with Martial Arts

Staph: The Nasty Little Bacteria Hiding in Your Gym

Martial Arts and a Positive Body Image

Belt Basics: What a Martial Arts Belt Means

Cardio Kickboxing vs. Kickboxing: What's the Difference?

Do Martial Arts Work in Street Fights? 5 Common Myths Examined

What Do You Know about Jeet Kune Do?

Can I Go Two Months Without Sugar?

5 Reasons to Love Cardio Kickboxing

4 Tips for Finding your Perfect Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Happy Birthday to Ricardo Liborio!

Superstitions in Martial Arts

5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Your First Pair of Boxing Gloves

4 Reasons You're Not Seeing the Workout Results You Want

If You're A Fan of Samurai Movies, You'll Love These Modern Katana-Based Martial Arts!

We're Off to the SuperShow! -- An Open Letter from Century's Writer

12 Tips for a Safe and Fun Fourth of July

Century Customs Customer: Jason Davis and Adaptive Martial Arts

Century Customs Customer: Twila Schuler

An Open Letter to Century Customs: Master Copeland Lanzillotti

Exercise and Addiction Recovery: The Best Ways to Get Healthy

8 Fascinating Facts about the Art of 8 Limbs

The Top 7 Mental Benefits of Kung Fu Training

Things to Know Before Your First Day of Judo

Survival Knife Essentials

6 Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day

You Can’t Say “A Tactical Martial Art” Without “Attack”

Should I Do Cardio or Weights First?

Things to Know Before Your First Day of Kung Fu

I Watched the Original "Karate Kid" Movie for the First Time, and I Have Some Thoughts

Things to Know Before Your First Day of Muay Thai Kickboxing

9 Reasons Why Your Students Need to be Sparring

How to Hold Thai Pads: Round Two

How to Hold Thai Pads for 4 Basic Fitness Moves

7 Lessons Kids Learn from Martial Arts

7 Essential Pieces of Karate Sparring Gear

What's the Big Thai-dea? Why Thai Pads are So Popular

Things to Know Before Your First Day of Taekwondo

Thai Pads or Focus Mitts: What Should I Use?

Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee passes away

Things to Know Before Your First Day of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Century Answers: Advice for Your First Day of Training

The Bo: From Covert Weapon to Sport Staple

Four Fun Facts about Krav Maga

The Food Side of Fitness

Stuck in a Fitness Rut? Here's Why You Should Try Martial Arts!

Mike Seeklander of "The Best Defense" Shares his Thoughts on Tactical Training, BOB, and the Self-Defense Skills Everyone Needs

From Obscurity to the Olympics: The Punok Story

Want to Know the Single Best Punch to Throw in a Fight?

We Spent a Day on the Range Shooting BOB – Here’s What Happened!

Can You Pass this Kali Pop Quiz? 

What I've Learned for 18 Years of Competing

Preventing Dropouts before They Happen: Part 2

How Much Do You Really Know about Karate Weapons? 

Do You Know the World's Oldest Martial Art?

5 Martial Arts You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Preventing Dropouts before They Happen: Part 1

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fact-ing!

12 Days of Fitness Holiday Challenge!

Which Bags are Best for My Program?

The Secret to Unlocking a Great Cardio Class

Don't Start a Cardio Boxing Class Without This One Thing!

Help! How Do I Fit a Cardio Bags Class into my Gym?

The Secret to Getting the Best Customized Products

Last-Minute Gifts that Don’t Look Last-Minute (all for around $25!)

Happy Birthday to Superfoot!

What Your "Classroom Barometer" is...and Why it's Essential You Know!

The Surprising Enemy Hiding Inside your Gloves

These 3 Items Will Let You Exercise Anywhere This Holiday Season!

Want a Great Thanksgiving that Won't Weigh You Down?

4 Reasons Your Pro Shop Needs Custom Gear

How a Cardio Kickboxing Class Pays for Itself

3 Easy Ways to Promote Pro Shop Glove Sales

5 Ways to Speed Recovery After a Training Injury

Get Stellar Participation When You Ask Your Kids Class Questions!

Your Guide to Giving the Perfect Gift

Road to Competition with Samery Moras

Have A Martial Art’s Valentine’s Day with Nigel!

Century Product Review:“Beast" by Doug Merlino

The Basics of Mouthguard Care

Celebrate Black History Month with this Martial Arts Trivia Game!

Top Fitness Equipment of 2017

Basic Knife Handling Techniques

Angela Gracie Recipe Book Review and Recipe

The Return of Ronda Rousey

Happy Holidays from Century

Nigel Bakes Holiday Cookies

Retention 101: 4 Easy Tips To Maximize Your Retention

A Review of C-Gear

Survival Uses for Paracord Bracelet

How Martial Arts Reduces Chances of Being Bullied

40 Years in the Making

Creative Obstacle Course Ideas for Parents

The Evolution of Sport Karate

5 Easy Halloween Costumes To Make for Nigel

The History of Weapons in Martial Arts Part I

Meet Team Paul Mitchell

Century named official Gi sponsor for 2016 U.S. Grappling World Team

Why Buy Century Training Bags?

Gracie Family Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

7 Reasons to Buy Century Uniforms