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How Martial Arts Teaches Children Self-Discipline

There are numerous benefits of martial arts for kids, including improved physical health and a boost in self-confidence. Martial arts can also teach children self-defense skills that can help them ward off bullies and protect themselves from violent attacks. More importantly than fighting off others, however, martial arts teaches kids how to become masters of themselves: how to control thoughts, emotions, actions and responses.
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The Importance of Stance

By Guest Blogger: Alvin Myers   Movement, balance, and range are crucial parts of sparring and training in martial arts. These things are all tied into stance. Without the correct stance, you cannot move correctly, position yourself for strikes, or use your range most effectively.
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Starting a Martial Arts Program for Individuals with Down Syndrome

By Dwight Trower
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Fighting Childhood Obesity with Martial Arts

Did you know that over 30% of children and adolescents in the US are overweight or obese? Fewer than a quarter of children get the recommended amount of physical activity a day: 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise. A child who is regularly physically active will be more likely to carry that habits into adulthood. On the flip side, a sedentary child will likely grow into a sedentary adult.
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The Journey of Dan Kersten

It’s not uncommon for a person to get their start in martial arts because a parent pushed for them to take classes. In that way, Dan Kersten shares the beginning of his martial arts story with many others: he joined taekwondo in part because of his father. However, Kersten’s story diverges there.
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From East to West: A Quick History of the Nunchaku

If you’ve ever watched martial arts movies or cartoons, you’ve seen nunchaku in action. In the hands of experienced fighters and trained actors, they deliver movement that’s fluid, graceful, and even artistic. Bruce Lee popularized the weapon in America in the 1960s thanks to his famous films such as “Enter the Dragon.” Yet well before the master himself demonstrated its techniques on the silver screen, this legendary instrument had an awesome history that’s several centuries long.
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The High-Kicking King of Rock and Roll

Elvis Presley is an American icon for his love of both music and excess. When it came to enjoying himself, nothing could stop The King. However, there is a side to him that many people never realize existed.
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The Journey of Leo Howard

It takes discipline, focus and motivation to manage martial arts training, a hit TV show, and a budding film career. Leo Howard worked to master all three. 
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You Know You’re a Martial Artist When Your Childhood Revolved Around These Movies

  Who else remembers movie nights as a kid? Whether you were at a sleepover, with your family, or on a night you had the house to yourself, there was nothing better than settling in with some popcorn and candy and going on a cinematic adventure. Recently, we asked our Facebook audiences what their favorite childhood martial arts movies were.
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How to Pick the Right Nunchaku For You

So, you’ve decided to start learning how to use the nunchaku! Good choice. It’s one of the most fun and versatile martial arts weapons, and it’s great for competition or simply learning for fun and twirling around your desk at work and nearly hitting your coworker in the skull (Ren, I am looking at you). Whatever your goals, you’ll get the best experience if you have the right gear.
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